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Frederick Kubitz paints in a bold, vigorous, personal style. He invites the viewer to look into his world and observe his impression of traditional New England subjects. The theme of his paintings cover a wide variety of topics featuring Maine harbors, Cape Cod dunes, Vermont countryside, New Hampshire trails, historic ships, Boston cityscapes and many other scenes from his travels. His paintings convey an imaginative use of natural lighting that produces a luminescent quality. The compositions are dramatic and create an emotional mood. By the use of fresh colors and precise brush strokes he shows a mastery of his chosen medium. Mr. Kubitz feels it is essential to his painting process to work on location; many times extracting the essence of a scene while "on the spot" and later developing it into a major painting in his studio. The artist's training as an architect is evident in his portrayal of old New England buildings. His knowledge of structure and keen eye for detail reinforces the permanence and stability of these buildings, which are often an important element in the composition of his paintings. 

Mr. Kubitz is a member of the American Watercolor Society, Vice President of the Guild of Boston Artists, Past President of the New England Watercolor Society and Wellesley Society of Artists.


Among the many awards he has won include the Ogden Pleissner award from the American Watercolor Society-Gold and Silver medals from the New England Watercolor Society -multiple awards from the Academic Artists Association. Publications include: Best of Watercolor, Painting Color, Painting Light and Shadow, Watercolor Expressions all by Rockport Publisher as well as the cover of Yankee Magazine.

He has exhibited at the DeCordova & Dana Museum, Springfield Museum of Fine Arts, The Salmagundi Club of New York, Ogunquit Art Center, Hudson Valley Art Exhibition and Copley Society of Boston.  


* Frederic Kubitz

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